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How to Become a Locksmith in the UK?

Want to become a locksmith in the UK? How to find a great locksmith training school to learn the trade? Locksmithing School is your resource center and guide for starting your locksmith career.

Do I Need an Official Qualification To Trade as a Locksmith?

No, despite claims to the contrary you do NOT need any kind of official qualification to start trading as a locksmith and according to Ofqual there are no plans for this to change

Meeting the requirements.

The paperwork and legal compliance requirements for starting a locksmith business is no different from any general business. Having a recognised certificate and be a member of a locksmith association does help, but not essential as most work these days comes from companies who spend a lot of money on Google & Bing ads. It is true that the search engine giants do prioritise ads over organic search results when a user search for a locksmith.

How to Become a Locksmith in the UK?

Before we delve into the details, here’s a quick overview of the steps to becoming a locksmith in the UK. Note that the locksmith industry is not regulated and doesn't require licensing for businesses and individuals.

  • Good moral character and no serious criminal history is often required.
  • Those convicted of serious crimes and felonies might not be accepted to courses.
  • Get locksmith training and certifications by recognised training schools.
  • Obtain locksmith certificate and registrations.
  • Submit CRB/DBS certificate request showing your criminal background if any.
  • Work as an apprentice locksmith to gain work experience from local locksmith companies.
  • Find work with local locksmith companies or start your own business.
  • Join a reputed trade association for regular industry knowledge and support such as MLA
  • Upgrade your skills and continue to learn about the latest technologies.
  • Join reputed leads companies such as checkatrade, collect reviews and build a reputed name for you as individual and your business.
  • Maintaining general liability insurance is a must to cover yourself.

Do You Need Locksmith Training / Exam to Become a Locksmith?

Locksmith training schools help you learn the trade. With an experienced locksmith trainer and a well-designed locksmith training course, you can learn locksmithing and have the necessary knowledge to start working as a professional locksmith. Please note that it is not a very difficult trade to learn, you need good hands skills and even if you get things wrong at customer things can be easily fixed when you take your time and usually asking another locksmith to help ( in most cases if you start working with companies who provide the work ) even over the phone the issue can be rectified.

Do I Need an Official Qualification To Trade as a Locksmith?

No, despite claims to the contrary you do NOT need any kind of official qualification to start trading as a locksmith and according to Ofqual there are no plans for this to change.

How to Start a Locksmith Business?

Once you have acquired the necessary skill and are confident of working as a locksmith, let’s get started. You can start your locksmith business as a self-employed individual or get your own locksmith company with employees.

  • Learn locksmithing (start with common locks and automotive locks), and obtain required certifications
  • Apply for a locksmith technician certificate, take any required exam and get your certificate
  • Get a locksmith certificate for starting your business
  • Register your business as sole trader/self employed or company
  • Get a business phone number and build a professional locksmith business website
  • Advertise your business in online business directories, locally and start working!

Start a Home-Based Locksmith Business

You can easily start your own locksmith business from your van. You don’t need a storefront. Your home will also be your business address.

Whenever you receive a locksmith service call, you drive your locksmith van to the location and provide on-site services. You can have a thriving automotive locksmith and mobile locksmith service without any storefront.

Get your van plastered with your locksmith business branding, display your name and phone numbers, and your mobile locksmith store is ready.

Always get your business website ready before you start your locksmith business. A website helps you look professional, and helps you reach prospective customers online.

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